Future 2021


Future 2021 – the latest and greatest offering from the Future series. Building on the success of its predecessor, Future 2021 takes sound quality and performance to new heights.
With its exceptional soundstage and naturalness, Future 2021 retains the best features of its predecessor while also incorporating upgraded details that take instrument positioning to a whole new level. You’ll be able to hear every nuance and detail of your music with breathtaking clarity and precision.
But that’s not all – Future 2021 also boasts an upgraded nylon shield that is shielded with finer and denser strands. This provides better noise isolation and enhances the cable’s softness, making it a joy to use and handle.
Whether you’re a serious audiophile or simply someone who loves great sound quality, Future 2021 is the perfect cable upgrade for you. With its impressive performance and usability, it’s sure to take your music listening experience to a whole new level.

Future 2021是Future系列中最新、最出色的產品。在Future的成功基礎上,Future 2021將音質和性能提升至一個全新層次。
此線材以卓越的音場和自然度為特點,Future 2021不僅保留了前產品的優點,還升級了在細節上的程現,將樂器的定位也同時提升。以驚人的清晰度和精度聽到音樂的每一個細微差別和細節。
除此之外, Future 2021還選用了更好的尼龍物料,其細密的編織方法提供了更好的降噪效果,並增強了線材的柔軟性,令到燒友在使用上更覺貼心。
無論您是真正的發燒友還是單純熱愛高品質音樂的人士,Future 2021都是您完美的線材升級選擇。它的聲音一定會將您聽音樂的體驗更有效的提升。

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