Apollo G

Introducing Apollo G – the flagship cable from Cross Lambda that represents the pinnacle of audio performance and technology. This incredible cable is the perfect choice for anyone who demands the very best in terms of sound quality and precision.
One of the key features of Apollo G is its cutting-edge shielding technology, which ensures that your music is free from any unwanted interference or distortion. This cable was one of the first to implement a fully balanced concept, with a Braided Pure Copper Shield and Multi-Layers Nylon Kevlar Composite Materials, making it a true standout in the world of audio cables.
But what really sets Apollo G apart from the competition is its use of the highest purity Palladium and Silver Plated Genuine UPOCC. These materials have been carefully selected to provide the most accurate and reference music representation possible, delivering a level of sound quality that is simply unmatched.
Whether you’re a professional musician or an audiophile looking for the ultimate listening experience, Apollo G is the perfect choice. So why settle for anything less than the very best? Upgrade to Apollo G today and experience the ultimate in audio performance and precision!

隆重推出 Apollo G – Cross Lambda 的旗艦線纜,代表著音頻性能和技術的巔峰。 對於那些對音質和精度有最高要求的人來說,這款令人難以置信的線材是完美的選擇。
Apollo G 的主要特點之一是其尖端的屏蔽技術,可確保您的音樂免受任何不必要的干擾或失真。 該線材是最早實現完全平衡概念的線材之一,採用編織純銅屏蔽和多層尼龍凱夫拉複合材料,使其成為音頻電纜領域真正的佼佼者。
但真正使 Apollo G 在競爭中脫穎而出的是它使用最高純度的金鈀和鍍銀正品 UPOCC。 這些材料經過精心挑選,可提供最準確和參考的音樂表現,提供無與倫比的音質水平。
無論您是專業音樂家還是尋求終極聆聽體驗的發燒友,Apollo G 都是完美的選擇。 那麼為什麼要滿足於不是最好的呢? 立即升級到 Apollo G,體驗終極音頻性能和精度!

Apart from 2-Pin and MMCX Categories the other customs option’s delivery time would be approximately 1-3 Months

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Conductor Type

7N-HPPDOCC Palladium Plated Pure Copper + 7N-HPSPOCC Silver Plated Pure Copper + 7N-HPOCC Pure Copper


Triple Shielding Layers (Absolute Shielding Technology) 2


1.4 mm


1.2 m

Litz Type