Introducing Apollo-GB, the latest variation of the flagship audio cable from Cross Lambda. Building upon the success of Apollo G, Apollo-GB takes audio performance and technology to even greater heights. This new cable incorporates Pure Brass Shielding, a significant enhancement that brings about better shielding quality, more reference tonal balance, and an even cleaner sound.

The Pure Brass Shielding featured in Apollo-GB is a breakthrough addition that elevates the cable’s performance to new levels. By using brass as the primary shielding material, Cross Lambda ensures superior protection against unwanted interference and external noise. This results in a remarkably clear and distortion-free audio transmission, allowing you to experience music in its purest form.

Moreover, Apollo-GB’s Pure Brass Shielding contributes to a more balanced tonal representation. The brass material’s unique properties aid in achieving a neutral and natural sound signature, accurately reproducing the original recording with precision. Whether you’re listening to intricate instrumental compositions or vocal performances, Apollo-GB ensures that every nuance and detail of the music is faithfully conveyed.

In addition to its enhanced shielding and reference tonal balance, Apollo-GB offers a cleaner sound profile. The reduction of electromagnetic interference and signal distortion through Pure Brass Shielding allows for a pristine audio signal flow, resulting in a highly transparent and immersive listening experience. This clean sound reproduction is sure to impress audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

As with its predecessor, Apollo G, Apollo-GB continues to utilize the highest purity Palladium and Silver Plated Genuine UPOCC materials. The careful selection of these premium components, combined with the Pure Brass Shielding, cements Apollo-GB as an industry-leading audio cable that delivers unparalleled sound quality and precision.

Whether you’re a professional musician, studio engineer, or a dedicated audiophile seeking the ultimate sonic experience, Apollo-GB is the definitive choice. Upgrade to Apollo-GB today and immerse yourself in the world of uncompromising audio performance, reference tonal balance, and pristine sound clarity that only Cross Lambda’s flagship cables can provide.

Apart from 2-Pin and MMCX Categories the other customs option’s delivery time would be approximately 1-3 Months

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7N-HPPDOCC Palladium Plated Pure Copper + 7N-HPSPOCC Silver Plated Pure Copper + 7N-HPOCC Pure Copper


Triple Shielding Layers (Absolute Shielding Technology) 2


1.4 mm


1.2 m

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