Introducing Apollo G - the flagship cable from Cross Lambda that represents the pinnacle of audio performance and technology. This incredible cable is the perfect choice for anyone who demands the very best in terms of sound quality and precision.

One of the key features of Apollo G is its cutting-edge shielding technology, which ensures that your music is free from any unwanted interference or distortion. This cable was one of the first to implement a fully balanced concept, with a Braided Pure Copper Shield and Multi-Layers Nylon Kevlar Composite Materials, making it a true standout in the world of audio cables.

But what really sets Apollo G apart from the competition is its use of the highest purity Palladium and Silver Plated Genuine UPOCC. These materials have been carefully selected to provide the most accurate and reference music representation possible, delivering a level of sound quality that is simply unmatched.

Whether you're a professional musician or an audiophile looking for the ultimate listening experience, Apollo G is the perfect choice. So why settle for anything less than the very best? Upgrade to Apollo G today and experience the ultimate in audio performance and precision!