Upgrade Cable Served
Maximum Manufacturing Power

Genuine OCC

Certified OCC Factory

Our wire factory is a certified OCC Factory Based in Taiwan

OCC Conductivity (105 %)
105Insert and Eject Times
OFC Conductivity (102 %)
102Insert and Eject Times
Average Copper (100%)
100Insert and Eject Times

Singular Burn-in Machine

The superior burn-in machine designed by our engineer team. Power output at 70w with programmable wave form and automatic correction to ensure the greatest final sound.
After Burn-in (100%)
100Insert and Eject Times
Fresh Assembled (70%)
70Insert and Eject Times

Premium Connectors

Japan Made Plug

Our plugs options are Made in Japan with JIS Certified to ensure you the quality and durability of the plug.
Topura Premium Japan Plug Durability (10000 Times)
10000Insert and Eject Times
Conventional Plug Durability (2000 Times)
2000Insert and Eject Times

Taiwan Made Connectors

Our Connectors are made in Taiwan with top grade thermoplastic to ensure durabulity.
PEEK Melting Point (343 °C)
343Insert and Eject Times
POM Melting Point (175 °C)
175Insert and Eject Times

Multi Coated Barrels

Our connectors barrels are made of the Quad-Layers Coated Aluminium or Brass to ensure the best EMI protection.
Quad-Layers Coated Barrels EMI Shielding (20% Better)
120Insert and Eject Times
Conventional Barrel (Anodised, Electric Plated)
100Insert and Eject Times